Problem: Photoshop Stuck on Hand Tool

This is a really frustrating problem which I put up with for a while, until I finally snapped! You’re using Photoshop, everything is going great, you’re happily making a shape when suddenly disaster strikes!


The cursor has changed to the Hand Tool and there’s seemingly very little you can do about it.. Wrong!


I’ve had this happen lots, I’m pretty sure it’s even cropped up while using InDesign, too. Maybe even in other Adobe applications!


The solution is mind-numbingly simple. Press the space bar key.


I’m not sure why, but this seems to do the trick. If you continue to encounter issues, I’d suggest checking for dirt underneath your space bar key.


You should also try the usual things, restart Photoshop (or whatever Adobe application you’re using) and try to restart your Mac or PC.


Drastic measures may also include toppling your computer over and stamping on it, I’ve definitely tried that in the past, phew!


One other culprit may be the setting below which is nestled inside the Hand Tool preferences, as pointed out by Robb Sturtcman on the Photoshop forums.