Here are just a few examples of the regular print work and pieces of POS I have designed.


This work ranges from small format print jobs, large scale hoardings/advertisements including store takeovers, window posters, bus shelters, bus sides, large areas for advertising space, billboards and so on.


Before I joined GameStop, one of my ambitions was to design material for a large scale public advertising campaign. I knew something like this would take considerable planning and a range of design skills so I was eager to try it.


I managed a store takeover campaign for the launch of a highly anticipated video game, Uncharted 4. This material was displayed in prominent locations across Ireland and the Nordic countries, mainly at important strategic areas with plenty of footfall.


These large banners were hung above our flagship Irish store in Henry Street, Dublin, and also at Patrick Street in Cork.

I loved these projects as they gave me a chance to think a little outside the box and still be creative despite strict requirements which needed to be met in order for artwork to be approved.


With this piece I was able to simulate the effect of the glass being shattered on the store window. This window would usually remain blank so it was a good opportunity to make it look a little more interesting and dynamic! I also had an alternative plan in case the vendor could not approve the use of the shatter effect over their own creative, however thankfully they loved the idea!

These also appeared in-store at GameStop in Pavilions Shopping Centre in Dublin. The artwork here was created for a large bulkhead which ran across the full width of the store and also a large wall to the side of the main entrance. The unusual requirements around the sizing of the different pieces made this a really interesting, challenging project.


Every year the GameStop Christmas Catalogue and associated POS and digital campaign would be quite a large undertaking. In 2019, I took some steps in order to drive various improvements within the project design and delivery process.


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photo of pos examples


This is an example of some smaller scale artwork I’ve designed. This is one of the pre-order booklets which were created annually. These always needed to be turned around quickly and required an in-depth approval process, because so much vendor artwork was required. As with all projects, I would localise these in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish as well as English.


This flyer is a good example of something that I might need to create more regularly, sometimes on a monthly basis, depending on the marketing plan. There would always be a wide range of ongoing print and digital projects to cover off and these would usually present a challenge given the many different types of offer and games that would be featured.