I created these mockups and print ready artwork files with printers keyline markings for a mystery box of mixed merch product at GameStop. The mystery boxes were a key product for the merchandising team and needed to appeal to the customers sense of fandom and make the brands recognisable for customers who were purchasing as a gift for someone else.

Two sizes of box were required. The smaller, branded size and a larger size for generic product, seen further down. These could also fit Funko POP! and other larger items. I experimented with colours and patterns until these versions were signed off. The branding had to be carefully considered and the brand markings had to remain clear and unobstructed.

These products were present in stores during the Christmas period and provided an easy gifting option for customers that were unsure or wanted a quick, interesting gift. The packaging worked well, everything could fit and no amendments were required. You can see below the flat packaging artwork with keylines and also the finished, larger box.