SecondBite is an exciting startup which aims to sell a high volume of professionally refurbished iPhones to customers with a focus on sustainable practices and bringing a more premium look and feel to the pre-owned technology market.


I was tasked with designing the core brand, logos, fonts and preparing a broad range of material including packaging and social and web assets.


I favour a fluid design approach as I believe the best results can be achieved through different methodologies, depending on the type of project, requirements, time and budget available.


In this case I refined my design approach based on the following client requirements, which I narrowed down with them early on:


  1. Brand must feel premium
  2. Brand must raise awareness of sustainable practices


These needed to be achieved in both an overt and subconscious manner. In order to do this, I began my research phase which included the discovery of existing brands which matched the client expectations. Some brief examples can be found below.


The next step in my process was to create a mood board to build my own inspiration in order to shape the foundation of this new brand identity. In consideration for this, I included:


  1. Content from existing brands they favoured
  2. Branding work from some of my own favourite designers, studios and agencies


Below is a snippet of the project Pinterest board which I developed and explored with the client.


On web projects I would normally include prototyping and wireframing as its own segment as within the project lifecycle and my design process, however as only minor pieces were required for the online segment and considering the overall project budget, I opted to merge this within this design and iteration phase.


Below you can find examples of slides which were included included in the final brand guideline document followed by social images which were created to be used throughout the following months in order to promote the brand.




The main reasons I enjoyed working on this project were:


  1. The challenge of creating a premium brand
  2. The opportunity to refine and improve my design process


Outside of these self improvements and personal challenges, I always love to work with brands or initiatives with a clear purpose or practices that are charitable in nature, or simply trying to make a positive difference in a the world. It is also impressive when these appear in parallel with the challenge of operating a successful business – all exciting, interesting and inspirational in their own right!