At GameStop, the main charity partner was Make-A-Wish. As part of the ‘World Wish Day’ coverage in 2018 and 2019 my responsibilities included creating live video streams with donation integration, creating a campaign landing page, and designing newsletter and social content.


For the live stream segment, various influencers came to the studio and played video games before a live online audience, with the aim of entertaining viewers and also enticing them to make a donation.

The event ran on Facebook Live the game streaming service Twitch. I was responsible for setting up the streams, various overlays and monitoring during the event. I also integrated a donation feature via HTML/JavaScript which displayed the amount of money raised and gave the donor some recognition by displaying their name on screen. Here’s a closer look at the donation bar itself.


As well as the promotion of the event on Facebook and Twitter, I posted Instagram updates throughout the day to give a look behind the scenes and show some of the extra fun that was taking place with the influencers who weren’t on air at the time.

There was great interaction across our social channels, including Facebook Live comments and Twitch chat. The impression numbers were positive and co-operation with the influencers themselves helped this, through cross-promotion on their own social channels.

I also built a landing page to promote the event within our e-commerce platform. The content focused on ‘Wish’ stories from children in Ireland and the Nordic region who had been helped via donations to Make-A-Wish. This was a good opportunity to work closely with the Make-A-Wish team on approval.

This project is a good example of the range of skills I can offer when creating content and implementing digital solutions throughout the planning and execution phases. I’m comfortable designing creative assets and using video and photography to promote a product or service, but excel at technical tasks too, such as the broadcast of live video and development of landing pages and microsites.


I loved working on this project because as I mentioned it required such a broad range of expertise and ideas, but it also felt great to work with such an amazing charity that makes a huge difference in the lives of children all around the world.