Battlefield 1 Poster

I’ve been playing Battlefield 1 since it arrived last week and I’m having an absolute blast playing it. I think it’s the best first person shooter this year and a potential game of the year winner. EA and DICE have pulled off something special and with Titanfall 2 just around the corner hopefully we have more fun to look forward to!


For me Battlefield 1 has completely refreshed the franchise. Although the game has gone back in time to WW1 (which I really didn’t think would work) it’s actually brought some really interesting new features into the fold such airships and horses, and hence my inspiration for this new poster!


I think it’s daring moves like this and how DICE has managed to pull them off in Battlefield 1 that has really impressed Battlefield veterans and new players alike, it was a massive risk moving away from things like jets and helicopters in order to go back to old tech, but what you get is a more visceral, in your face style of game, and I’m loving the change!


Anyway, back to the poster! It’s another in my new series of pop culture posters (following on from my Westworld poster). I hope you like it, there’s plenty more to come in the series so stay tuned! Drop me a line if you have any feedback or suggestions for new posters you would like to see.