World of Warships

One of my favourite games at the moment is¬†World of Warships. It’s an online multiplayer ship battle game by Wargaming.


An excellent feature was added recently which allows you to detach and free roam the camera after you die, which allows for great wallpaper and video capture as the rest of the battle unfolds and while your own ship slowly slips beneath the cold surface of the ocean forever, never to be seen again.. Fun eh?!



Below you can find some of my favourite screenshots I’ve taken in-game so far, which have been re-touched in Photoshop to give them a more cinematic feel. They should work pretty well as wallpapers too! Please give me credit and link back if you re-post them.


I’ll update this post with any new captures I make!

February 5th 2017

“Blazing Barrels”


October 31st 2016

“Ghost Ship”

“The Heavens”

“British Weather”

“Sleet Scout”

October 19th 2016

“Night Patrol”

“Tropical Waters”

“Final Blow”

October 15th 2016

“Stormy Encounter

“Icy Scharnhorst”

“War on Two Fronts”

“Burning Wreck”