Outside of work I also like to also create my own motion-based projects as a hobby. I feel that looking at areas that personally interest me gives me a different kind of motivation and allows me to be even more creative and improve my workflow. As I am working with different brands, fonts and more I think this also helps broaden my overall experience. Furthermore, as motion design has transitioned from the big screens (TV and film) to a smaller scale (social media, Instagram, TikTok and the web) this presents even more in terms of opportunities to apply motion design skills in those areas.


When a football player arrives at a club this usually means a pretty slick looking announcement video arrives on our screens too! I’ve always wanted to create one of these, so when the signing of Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United was announced, I jumped at the chance! I created a square version for social posting and a taller version for an Instagram story or similar.

This was a fairly difficult project mainly due to the lack of assets. There were no images of the player available in a Manchester United shirt at the time for example, so I had to do some photo manipulation work in Adobe Photoshop before importing to After Effects. I also tested myself by trying some new techniques and used a significant number of individual keyframes masks and effects.


It’s a new decade but we’re facing some problems that seem like they’ve been around forever – lack of quality health services, an ongoing housing crisis and many homeless on our streets or in emergency accommodation. Ahead of the election the infamous posters have started to appear… so I made my own edition, it even has a low carbon footprint! These are just my own personal views of course. I hope you can take something away from it either way.


It’s hard to not be inspired by the young Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg. When she made this striking statement in a speech ahead of the Davos World Economic Forum, I knew I had to create something. I designed this ahead of Davos and added it to the Instagram story for #FridaysForFuture on the day, so this received many views.

These projects both presented interesting challenges. The election video included research and fact checking and dealing with a lot of information and text objects. In the second project I wanted to try a stop-motion type effect which I had never tried before. I also tried using JavaScript expressions in both videos. These were used for the number counters in the election video (the statistic numbers count up from zero) and the movement of the background layer in the Greta Thunberg video.


This was my first attempt at 3D camera tracking and glitch effects in Adobe After Effects. It required a lot of learning and was a new area for me within the program, but I was happy with the results.


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