The E3 Expo is the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related products. 


On-site in Los Angeles I produced 6 videos during each trip as well as numerous types of social content. The scale of the event, added time pressure and time difference between the base in LA and home office in Ireland made this a good challenge for me.


Below you can find different examples of content created during the events in 2018 and 2019.



I created a new microsite for our E3 coverage as the old page was quite dated. This was a single location to direct our social traffic to in order to convert sales for the online stores in each region. I also developed a flip clock countdown banner for the online stores homepage and designed various graphics for each website to support our activity throughout the event.


Some short videos I shot and edited can be found below. These were created for the YouTube channel to try and boost the viewership numbers there. These were usually created to summarise what I had seen at a particular event or showcase that I had attended.

The style of the video features quick cuts, this gives it more of an action feel and allows us to show many different things that are on display. The video is shot on an iPhone using Filmic Pro mounted on a DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal. The advantages of this are the setup is quite nimble, offers reasonable quality by film standards and also has the added bonus of making security checks for the event a little quicker and easier.


Interviews were a key component of my activity there and covered more than four of these. My responsibilities included scheduling these in advance of the trip, creating questions, registering with and meeting vendors and publishers on-site, conducting interviews, filming and post production tasks including editing and grading. Finally I would upload to social media. This was all done on location in Los Angeles.


From the social side certain content was planned but it was also important to let this flow organically throughout each day. Below you can find some examples of this which were posted to the Instagram stories. There were also regular updates to the Twitter feed and various scheduled posts on Facebook.




As you can imagine there were a huge amount of updates during these trips, these only show a portion but should give a reasonable overview of the coverage. The most important factor was keeping the audience engaged and providing a good flow of information. Time management and planning were essential to balance between these instant updates and extra pieces of content which would be filtered through to our feeds in the days and weeks following the events.



There were many different hurdles on these trips. The massive time difference meant co-ordination with the team back home needed to be really tight. The hotel was also quite far from most of the events downtown so it was important to be on the move early and quite diligent with the time spent there. All these aspects made the trips unique challenges and regardless of the day or task there was always a piece of knowledge or experience to be gained.


I hope the above gives a sense of the type of work I can do and the broad nature of tasks I can tackle. A large part of what drives my passion is having skills in many different technical and creative areas and these events are one of the best representations of that.