Something I was passionate about at GameStop was highlighting the importance of motion graphics in our social media collateral and advocating their placement on store screens. I was able to take the lead on this and also mentored the team on motion design. The main reason for this was to push our video presence to a new level which other top brands and competitors were already leveraging.


Here you can see one such promotional animation, created at different sizes that could be dropped within various videos or campaign material. The reason for the difference sizes is that the content can be deployed across different social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, these could be used in Stories with ‘swipe up’ functionality, which could direct traffic to the Loyalty signup page.



Another motivation was to drive our loyalty membership signups. We were producing newsletters which required a lot of thought, time and effort, which would be delivered to loyalty members – whoever I felt it was also important to promote the program itself and highlight some of the rich content that had gone out in previous newsletters.


A challenge I faced was improving Loyalty Program signups in an effective way via the website as well. I developed this responsive section which could be dropped into any of our web templates online. It was critical that it was flexible and could be deployed quickly by other members of the team.


This made a substantial difference and boosted Loyalty sign-ups by 40% after just one month.

Rather than promote the Loyalty Program directly, I decided in all cases to market this by promoting our newsletter content, and newsletter signups instead. The aim was to show customers valuable content they could sign up to receive into their e-mail inbox, and Loyalty Program access would simply be an added bonus on top of that.