Suicide Squad Retro 8-bit

I’ve been a bit obsessed with my old Sega Game Gear lately. That’s mainly because it’s just a little bit broken. The screen won’t quite work properly and apparently I need to change all the capacitors on it’s little motherboard to fire it into action again.


While I’ve been procrastinating over the thought of doing that the nostalgic feeling has been hanging around, I’ve been admiring old Sega posters and fawning over games I still haven’t tried yet. I also watched Suicide Squad at the cinema and while the plot of the movie left a lot to be desired I really enjoyed the music, art style and especially the characters (Deadshot, yo!).


So with all of that in mind I decided to mock up some retro Game Gear style cartridges from scratch and create some Suicide Squad 8-bit artwork to drop in there. Harley Quinn and Deadshot were my favourites, so here’s the result!