A page I identified for improvement was the landing page for our exclusive games and content. This was one of the most prominent and most visited pages on the website for each region (Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden). I prototyped the idea of a card-based layout that would show more detailed information about each title and the exclusive content associated with it.


Some interesting features of this page included:


  1. The jump list menu button
  2. Slider gallery for images
  3. Modal (pop-up) sections that display when a button is clicked


Although there was a lot of content to be shown, through images, text and hidden modal sections was structured in such a way that it was still digestible and broken up quite well.

The modal sections were important because the page contained a lot of content, and this allowed me to condense things down by putting various extra content behind a single click.

The page was going to be quite long, however to offset the need to keep scrolling down, I added a ‘quick jump’ menu to make navigation a little easier by allowing the user to jump to various parts of the page in a quick manner. This menu is accessible at all times.

For a more in-depth look you can check out a full length copy of the page below. I’ve added the previous version of the page created by the internal e-commerce team for comparison. I felt it was essential to re-evaluate this and take modern web practices and marketing considerations into account, and I think its plain to see the massive gains for the user in terms of experience, usability and overall design style.