I had a requirement for a landing page where our customers could find all of the information about upcoming video games in one place, including all of the editions of the game that might be available, pre-order bonus items, incentives and more. The challenge was breaking all of this information down into an easily-consumable format and making sure the same template would work for each title, given that each page would need to be approved by the relevant vendor, such as Sony.

In terms of features, as you can see above there are some interesting web elements on these pages.


These included:


  1. A sticky menu that remains present when the user scrolls down
  2. Smooth scrolling anchor links
  3. A video background hero section
  4. A countdown timer which shows the remaining time to release


It’s important to note that these pages were built without a CMS from the ground up, using a responsive UI framework (Unsemantic) and some JavaScript libraries.


One of the main challenges was integrating embeddable items such as product cards in a way which flowed with the rest of the page. I didn’t want these to break the experience on the page so I decided to keep these areas mainly white, while using standard GameStop branding which matched these elements.

You can see a full copy of the final page below. This was a success as the template could be deployed quickly to cater for any video game, despite a strict approval process. This also helped to increase pre-order numbers for various titles and was an essential part of our ‘top 20’ marketing plan, which contained focus titles for the year. The fact that the sections were modular meant that the page could also be rearranged in a short time frame based on analytics results.